Last Call: There Will Be No David Beckham-Gordon Ramsay Restaurant

Grub Street: Damn it, we had an entire post ready for fake Ramsay-Beckham restaurant names! “Bender Like Beckham!” … and that’s all we’ve got so far.

GQ: Serrated Wüsthofs and caramel gelatos! Microstream flashlights and fizzy drink bottles! Sodas at home that come out of machines! These are a few of Wylie Dufresne’s favorite things! (The hills are alive with the sound of slurping rye pasta.)

The Huffington Post: In a moment of “Come on, everyone knew that,” McDonald’s admitted that only 3% of its customers actually order salads. Naturally, they’re going to try boosting salad consumption…by advertising more burgers. Meat! It’s just like plants!

Food and Wine: Did you know that Anthony Bourdain can draw pretty decently? Here are some sketches of his favorite grilled foods — sort of a “Frank Miller’s style meets Dr. Seuss’ color palette” deal. (We say that as a compliment.)

Food Republic: The photos from Marcus Samuelsson’s launch party for Yes, Chef! hosted by Converse leads us to believe that he’d do a pretty decent Harlem Shake — the real deal, not one of those lame suburban teenagers/Baauer dance videos. Also, we totally knew he loved Converse.

Creative Loafing Atlanta: Want to eat Hugh Acheson’s food, but only have $20 in your broke, broke pocket? Worry no more.

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