Last Call: Chinese Co. Trying To Buy America’s Largest Meat Producer Had A Teensy Maggot Problem

CNN: And by “teensy,” we mean “Allegations of maggots, excessive bacteria and illegal additives have plagued China’s biggest meat products company, Shuanghui International, since at least 2011.” And now they want to buy America’s biggest meat products company, Smithfield Foods. Heeeeey, tofu, how’s it hanging?

Gawker: A man was sentenced to 50 years in federal prison after stealing a rack of ribs, which, apart from being a blistering example of the failures of America’s prison system, is way too much time to smoke those ribs. They’re just gonna get really hard, guys. No one wants to eat dried-out ribs.

Twitter: Oh goodness, Edward Lee is hanging out on the Mind Of A Chef set with Sean Brock! Is Lee one of Those Guys now? If so…put a pig head on your head, Lee! Initiation rite, and all.

Mugaritz: Andoni Luis Aduriz recaps his glorious time at Mesamerica, the Mexican gastronomy summit — in Spanish. Because duh, Mugaritz is in Spain.

What’s The Vibe Like?: Oh god, we’re in love with this Tumblr where people prank-call the most pretentious bars in Brooklyn and ask questions like “Will Beyonce, The Clintons, or [the cast of] Girls be filming out there tonight?” (Answer: “…Yes, they’ll all be filming.”)

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