Last Call: Battle Royale For Food Hall Space

NY Post: Marc Forgione, Stephen Starr and Michael Mina are reportedly competing to open up a food hall in Lower Manhattan. Whomever is chosen will open in a 25,000 square space to sell produce, meals and other goods. How do you think they should settle it: Top Chef-style Quickfire or an old-fashioned fight to the death?

Eater: The Union Jack on the ceiling of Gordon Ramsay Steak in Las Vegas has been painted wrong. Because what Gordon really needs is another excuse to yell at people.

Serious Eats: Burger King is celebrating its fifth anniversary in Japan with a five-patty Whopper. How does one say “I just ate a five-patty Whopper and now I don’t feel so well” in Japanese?

Daily Meal: Wine lovers, get your wallets and your Twitter feeds ready: Daniel Boloud’s restaurant db Bistro Moderne is auctioning off wines via the social networking site.

NY Times: Ever wonder who thought up the design for the Kikkoman soy sauce bottle? His name is Kenji Ekuan and he was inspired by his experiences at the end of WWII. Food for thought next time you’re in the mood for sushi.

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