Last Call: Vegans Are Having A Good News Day

Huffington Post: According to new research, humans may have been lactose intolerant until about 7,000 years ago. Life without cheese? Sounds horrible.

Eater: Vegans, meet your new champion: Mike Tyson has an “extreme” vegan diet as a result of there being “too [much of] everything” in the world. It’s safe to say that nobody wants to know how his diet was influenced by the existence of “too many venereal diseases”.

Grub Street: The Original Soup Man chain, owned by Al Yeganeh, is having legal issues after the Soup Kitchen International company is claiming they got swindled out of the name. Don’t mess with this guy. Something tells us he takes his soup very seriously.

GQ: Some of the country’s best food is found in the weirdest places, including an arcade, a car wash, a hospital, and airports. Fine, but no matter how gourmet it is, “hospital food” just sounds unappetizing.

Daily Meal: British Airways has a new meal, available in July for Economy class, to celebrate the Summer Olympics in London. No word on how it tastes yet, but when it comes to airplane food, the bar isn’t set very high.

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