Last Call: Silly Rabbit, Trix Are For Kids!

The Daily Meal: The cereals marketed most heavily toward children are the unhealthiest, while healthier ones are advertised to adults. In the wake of this news, we predict that Raisin Bran will announce their new cartoon mascot any day now.

Huffington Post: Nestle has come out with a new line of Girl Scout cookie candy bars, which will come in real cookie flavors such as Thin Mint, Samoa, and Tagalong. Although, they’re only available until September, so everybody will end up over-buying cookies once again this year.

Grub Street: Sam Sifton has announced the publication date of his book, Thanksgiving, as October 30. No word yet on whether readers will have the urge to take a nap in front of a football game when they finish reading it.

CNN: One Afghan province has come up with a profitable alternative to opium poppies — saffron. Hugs Exotic spices, not drugs.

Eater: A Del Taco customer was allegedly stabbed after arguing with an employee over his order. There are meals worth getting stabbed over, but Del Taco is not one of them.

New York Times: Bensidoun USA, the US version of the French company that owns all of the public food markets in Paris, will open an outpost in Chelsea, proving that everyone is trying to make gourmet food halls happen.

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