Last Call: Marcus Samuelsson Is Awesome And Water Is Wet

Huffington Post: Marcus Samuelsson wrote an essay about interracial adoption and the way people reacted to his family growing up. Another day, another example of Marcus being awesome.

Grub Street: Finally, the answer to one of the most important questions in the world: how drunk can one get at a wedding before it becomes socially unacceptable?. Use this information wisely.

Daily Meal: The Brewery, a London event company, will see your pop-up restaraunt, and raise you a luxury pop-up resort. The Retreat opens on July 27 for guests to enjoy the Olympic Games without all of the usual annoyances. You know, like stress, public transportation, and interacting with people.

Eater: Ever wonder what a 32-course meal at Noma looks like? The answer is amazing — there’s about four courses of dessert alone.

AP: Barry Becher, the man who invented Ginsu knives and pioneered infomercials died. He will be remembered every time someone needs to slice through a can.

Daily News: For the low, low price of $170,000, you could buy a bottle of wine that is impossible to open without help. This is either the best or worst investment someone could possibly make.

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