Last Call: The Photos From Katz’s 125th Anniversary Make Us Long To Be Jewish

Image credit: Danny Bowien

Serious Eats: With Danny Bowien, Sarabeth Levine, Joe Campanaro, and Bill Telepan on the line at the venerable delicatessen’s birthday, we’re very much wishing that we were part of The Tribe.

Twitter: Is The South basically Rising Again on the set of The Mind Of A Chef? Because first there was Edward Lee, and now Matt and Ted Lee (no relation) just joined Sean Brock on his set. This calls for one thing and one thing only, April Bloomfield: a British Invasion.

Eater Vegas: Perhaps taking “Hell’s Kitchen” a bit too literally, Gordon Ramsay equipped a wall of his latest burger joint with normal everyday permanent fire.

The Huffington Post: A Wal-Mart baker was fired a week ago — purportedly for laziness, but also maybe because she staged a “solo strike” (aka a walkout) six months ago. We’ve never seen a more perfect example of the “it’s just me doing me” principle at work.

Grub Street: If the best form of flattery is imitation, then what do we make about all these fake “cronuts” popping up across the country? Is it an insult? Is it an honor? Is it cruelly taunting the world of people who don’t get to eat cronuts in Africa? (Finish that cronut, Eric Ripert!)


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