Last Call: In Which Ottavia Bourdain Makes All Her Friends Get Put In Headlocks

VICE: It was in the name of research, she claims in her latest column for Fightland. But it was also probably to put her husband through hell. The only reason Anthony Bourdain donned a gi, apart from true love? “You bribed me with the promise of prescription painkillers.”

Grub Street: Somewhere in the world are companies who still stand behind Paula Deen. See if you’ve heard of any of them.

High Times: Duuuuuuudes, ganja cures everything, dudes! Like glaucoma! And cancer! And gastrointestinal pain, helpful for all that food consumed as a chef! And an overdose on Paula Deen!

The Huffington Post: Don’t worry, sushi doughnuts aren’t made with actual raw fish. They’re made with frosting and dreams and are only available in Thailand so far, but considering how fast the cronut blew up around the world, anything is possible.

Eater: Did you know that puffed grain cereal like Kix used to be made by shooting corn from a freaking cannon?! Dave Arnold shows you how it’s done, which is awesome and makes Kix way less boring than we remember it being.


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