Last Call: Behold, The Red Priestess Of The Kitchen

Bravo Blog: Remember how Padma Lakshmi was cast as the Red Priestess Melissandre in our Food Personality/Game Of Thrones Mashup? Bravo really took our casting choice to heart, as evidenced in these Top Chef: NOLA promo pictures. New Orleans is dark and full of terrors!

CBS This Morning: Myron Mixon offers us a deliciously simplified explanation for why men think the grill is a dude’s domain, Old Southern White Guy-style.

The Daily Meal: Sure, hair nets are important in food safety, but at Roberta’s Pizza in Bushwick, they got whole other fish to fry. Enter: beard covers. Because, of course, Brooklyn.

Eater: Ferran Adria showed up to judge the Season Finale of MasterChef España, and Eater’s got the footage. Your move for this summer’s finale, Three Stooges.

Huffington Post: Were you impressed with Ballantine Books’ decision to cancel Paula Deen’s latest book, even though it was a bestseller on Amazon in pre-sales following the fallout of her Racism Scandal? Don’t be. They’re still raking in the cash. Sales of her other books are up 1,425 percent. The market charts are truly horrifying.

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