Last Call: STK Makes Knives For Rich People

Eater: The Las Vegas location of STK is offering wealthy female customers the opportunity to dine with a pink-sapphire studded steak knife. However, the knife is handed out only at the restaurant’s discretion, so most people probably won’t get the chance. If you are so lucky, feel free to laugh at all the less-famous around you.

Huffington Post: A steak cut with a sapphire knife goes best with a beer made from real gold. Some people are so rich they actually eat precious metals.

LA Times: A cook was shot after attempting to calm a group of men who were upset about their service being too slow. In case it needs to be reiterated: it doesn’t matter how long the food takes, it’s never appropriate to shoot someone over it.

Grub Street: 72 people who ate a Subway in Indiana became seriously ill after their food was prepared by employees who had a norovirus. …Maybe it’s best to just make our own sandwiches for a while.

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