Last Call: Bacon, Bacon, Everywhere

Daily Meal: California burger chain Slater 50/50 has created a burger made entirely from bacon, and named it the ‘Merica Burger. Ron Swanson would be proud.

Grub Street: iHop was forced to install a “smog hog” in order to get rid of the smell of bacon that surrounded the restaurant after the city received complaints. Party pooper.

Huffington Post: A restaurant owner died hours after President Obama dined at her restaurant in Akron, Ohio. Maybe meeting the president was the last thing on her bucket list.

Eater: Having trouble getting your morning off to a good start? How about a Mountain Dew and orange juice, available at Taco Bell. …Why would someone want that at any time of the day?

New York Times: Attention vegetarians who still want sushi: Beyond Sushi has got you covered.

New York Daily News: A mother was arrested for putting beer in her two year-old son’s sippy cup in the hope that it would discourage him from reaching for the pitcher. We’re not so sure reverse psychology works on a toddler — especially when it involves alcohol.

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