Last Call: Deadspin Writer Applies For Chopped With “SEXYLOVESAUCE”

Deadspin: Upon hearing that Chopped would run a special show dedicated to amateurs, Drew Magary immediately filled out the 19-question application for lols and pageviews┬áin a bid to be on his favorite-est show ever. “I may not have the ‘education’ or the ‘knowledge’ of ‘actual’ chefs,” he writes. “But what I lack in formal education, I make up for in SOUL. That’s what every amateur cook says right before they get chopped, right? That they have soul? I have a shitload of soul.”

The Washington Post: Sprinkles puts their second “Cupcake ATM” in our nation’s capitol.

Mercedes-Benz Scene Canada: Mark McEwan loves rolling in his Benz, but is super, super annoyed by tailgaters. Do all people from Canada have this problem?

Riding Shotgun LA: Roy Choi has some good thoughts about basketball, soccer, how Americans “eat like shit and follow like sheep”, and the importance of feeding everyone — not just those who can afford a $5 cup of coffee.

Huffington Post: Starbucks is milling a line of energy drinks. Because coffee is…? Not…? An energy drink…?

Eater: An Austin-based food critic called a bunch of the Top Chef judges “old farts” who are basically too irrelevant to be judging a food competition about up-and-comers. SNAP.

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