Last Call: Tom Sietsema Is A Regular Person Who Has Trouble Throwing Dinner Parties Just Like You

awkward dinner party
Washington Post: Spoiler alert! Tom Sietsema can’t cook. Just kidding. He sort of can. But he did forget how to after all those years of critiquing other people’s food. Check out his handy, well-researched guide to throwing not-terrible dinner parties here.

The Guardian: A cafe in Tokyo has taken the trend of animal cafes, where you can play with a cute puppy or kitten while you sip coffee, and pumped it up to cronut level by adopting two goats for a novel new goat cafe. Goats have things like “wow factor” and help patrons “commune with nature.” Sure, why not.

Serious Eats: Seething with jealousy over Ted Allen’s excessive Taste of Chicago live-tweeting? Check out what you’re missing in this convenient slideshow roundup.

Grub Street: Today in Food That Will Kill You: restaurant food purveyor Sysco has been busted storing meat in giant, outdoor, unrefrigerated sheds. COOL, GUYS.

Marcus Samuelsson: On his blog, Marcus Samuelsson featured an interview with Alison Cross of Boxcar Grocer, who’s striving to redefine the meaning of “convenience store” with local produce and healthy offerings. …So giant containers of organic, humane, local jerky by the register?

Huffington Post: Great news! In this otherwise kind of alarmist anti-dairy blog from a practicing physician, we learn that “there is scant evidence that fat makes you fat.” And by “learn,” we mean that Julia Child has been saying this since the beginning of time.

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