Last Call: Olympic Food Fight!

Eater: The London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games announced that McDonald’s is the only restaurant allowed to serve french fries inside the Olympic Park. However, there is one loophole: restaurants can serve fish and chips.

Daily Meal: In other Olympics-related food news, British politicians are protesting Heineken being chosen as the official Olympic beer.

Grub Street: A funeral home in South Carolina is opening a Starbucks on the premises. Well, nobody needs a jolt of caffeine like a corpse.

Huffington Post: Don’t feel guilty enough about all of those Girl Scout cookies? Why not try a deep fried Samoa, coming soon to a state fair near you.

Time: Scientists and chefs are teaming up to find out if it’s possible for astronauts to cook for themselves in space. You meant they don’t want to eat powdered eggs for up to three years?

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