Last Call: Andrew Carmellini May Be Starting A Revolution

New York Times: Signs went up at the location of Andrew Carmellini’s new restaurant, but it’s being speculated that he stole the design from an old French protest poster. Vive la revolution?

Huffington Post: A pizza maker in New Zealand was forced to stop selling a pizza topped with snake, spider and scorpion venom after an investigation from the Environmental Health Office. We’re all for culinary creativity, but we don’t want to die in its name.

Eater: The car service Uber is launching an on-demand ice cream truck service. This may be a greater technological advance than the iPad.

Grub Street: Carmela Sbarro, one of the founders of the pizza chain, died on Sunday at age 90. She will be remembered every time someone passes a Sbarro’s and decides to eat somewhere else instead.

Daily Meal: Researchers are reporting that marijuana could help treat obesity-related illnesses. Were these “researchers” college freshmen?

Daily News: A liquor company has started printing labels that discourage customers from fighting while drunk. Because people’s reading comprehension rates soar when they’ve been drinking.

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