Last Call: Imagine The Fun Jose Andres And Hillary Clinton Are Probably Having

Twitter: Jose Andres is doing something in Port Au Prince, Haiti with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton… except nobody’s quite sure what exactly it is. We choose to believe the two of them are off dancing on tables together.

Wall Street Journal: Lobster prices are currently so low that many fishermen are finding it cheaper to stay docked.

Business Insider: Even with the crazy low prices, we bet someone can make a killing from the 21-pound lobster that was caught off the shore of Cape Cod. Yep, you read that right. Twenty-one pounds. Doesn’t that technically qualify as a sea monster?

Daily Meal: California governor Jerry Brown passed a bill that outlines the criteria for a craft beer versus a spirit. Oh, look: California passed a food law that people are actually happy about!

Grub Street: A performance artist is spending the summer throwing McDonald’s cheeseburgers at pedestrians on the Upper East Side. Wow, you really can get away with anything if you say it’s “art”.

Wired: A former genetics student has engineered the perfect bagel. Don’t tell Joe Bastianich, though. He still thinks he’s the bagel mastermind.

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