Last Call: Needles Found In Delta Airline Sandwiches

The Stir: Sewing needles were found in turkey sandwiches on four Delta flights, and the FBI have launched an investigation to find the person responsible. Further proof that airplane food can actually hurt people.

Grub Street: The Vice President of the Russian Tea Room is planning to run for a seat on the New York City Council. Because running a Tea Room and New York City are practically the same thing.

Huffington Post: A Japanese company has developed a “sushi bazooka” that helps people make sushi at home. Feel free to buy it, but chef Morimoto will be judging you.

Daily Mail: 100,000 Scovilles Naga Chilli Vodka, the world’s hottest vodka is actually stronger than law-enforcement grade pepper spray. So, theoretically, it would be easier to just swallow actual fire.

New York Times: Forget rich kid foodies: a new movement of “holistic pet care” champions raw food for dogs and cats. To quote Weekend Update: Really?!

Eater: The internet community 4Chan tracked down and reported a Burger King employee who posted a photo of himself standing in the buckets of lettuce. Good thing we weren’t planning on eating there any time soon.

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