Last Call: Rick Ross Thinks Everything Tastes Better With A Slice Of Cheese

Bon Appetit: In case you ever find yourself cooking a meal for rapper Rick Ross, don’t stress. Just “put a slice of cheese on it”.

Huffington Post: Looking to have a religious experience whilst eating a grilled cheese? The Grilled Cheesus Sandwich Press exists help make that happen.

Grub Street: The guest chef whose noodles sold out at Momofuku Noodle Bar last night is actually a Russian from Long Island named Ivan Orkin.

AP: Two men were arrested at the United States/Canada border because the Kinder Eggs they wanted to bring back to their families are illegal in the US. The thought of any kind of chocolate being illegal is just depressing.

YumSugar: McDonald’s released their special Olympic menu… and it’s pretty much the exact same menu as it always has been.

New York Post: Foodies and food writers are all fed up with the growing trend of “gourmet comfort food”. The phrase “adult-toddler whimsy” is used. It is on.

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