Last Call: Le Bec-Fin Returns For Three Nights, Our Hearts Swell Like Fattened Goose Livers

New York Times: Marc Vetri humbly offered up his Philadelphia restaurant to one of the space’s previous owners for a sumptuous throwback pop-up: y’know, just Georges Perrier, for a three night Le Bec-Fin resurrection. NBD. (Lies. It was totally a BD. Read all about it here.)

Eater: Meanwhile, new San Diego sushi restaurant Bang Bang has offered up its bathroom as a shrine to Ryan Gosling. Is this cooler or lamer than Mission Chinese’s Twin Peaks-themed Laura Palmer bathroom shrine?

Gawker: The city of Dubai has skipped the Mayor Bloomberg tactics altogether, and gone right to incentivizing weight loss the smart way: offering a gram of gold to its citizens for every pound lost in the city’s Your Weight in Gold campaign. GENIUS.

Grub Street: Umami Burger is finally, definitely, finally, probably opening in New York next Monday, July 29th. We think.

Etsy: Would you like to own one of Sexy Hat Lady Gael Greene’s sexy incognito critic hats? Too bad, you can’t. (They’re her trademark, duh.) But you CAN own one of her vintage handbags, ten of which she put up for sale on Etsy.

The New Yorker: Daniel Boulud tackles French gender norms in this audio interview with the storied magazine. Why is it, he’s asked, that French men never seem to cook at home, but commandeer the restaurant kitchens? (There’s also a profile, but that’s for Subscribers Only.)

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