Last Call: Eddie Huang Has Some Thoughts On The Penn State Sanctions

Twitter: Eddie Huang is not happy about the punishments Penn State received from the NCAA. We’d add in our thoughts, but that might be infringing on certain brother site’s territory.

Riding Shotgun: Roy Choi writes about why he volunteers to help feed the homeless. It’s really not fair that he is both a talented chef and an eloquent writer. Some people get it all.

The New Potato: Top Chef-alum Angelo Sosa says his ideal Iron Chef secret ingredient challenge would be salt. You’ve heard the man, Food Network. Time to make it happen.

Eater: Want to see what a 7,000 pound lollipop looks like? Of course you do. Unfortunately, nobody gets to eat it — it will be destroyed by a recycling company. Like they couldn’t find anyone who would like to try some?

Daily Meal: Ikea have begun selling their own brand of beer, called Öl Mörk Lager. Because drinking definitely makes putting together furniture much easier.

Serious Eats: The James Beard Foundation held their fancy tasting party, Chefs and Champagne over the weekend, and the offerings included champagne pâté and foie gras mousse. Jealous yet?

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