Last Call: Mitt Romney’s Muffin Top Is All That

GQ: Mitt Romney, like Elaine Benes before him, prefers to eat only the tops of muffins.

Eater: Speaking of Elaine, the Seinfeld-themed No Soup For You food truck will be travelling around the country, distributing “iconic Seinfeld food”. We’re torn between wanting a Ron Swanson or a Liz Lemon-themed truck next.

Forbes: Children were found to have made healthier food choices after considering what superheroes and cartoon characters, such as Batman, would eat. Anyone who has ever worked with children could have told you that, and Cornell could have saved a lot of money.

Huffington Post: The greatest crime story that will be published today involves breaking into a home to play a game of beer pong. People who live near frat houses, beware.

Gizmodo: Like Instagram? Like chocolate? Now you can combine the two — there is a company that prints shots from Instagram onto squares of chocolate. Guess someone’s been taking lessons from Chris Wheeler.

Daily Meal: Cheese has been proven to help lower the risk of diabetes. Take that, vegans.

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