Last Call: Hugh Acheson Will Make Your Concert Munchies More Delicious

Huffington Post: Hugh Acheson is teaming up with Live Nation to provide humanely raised and locally sourced concert venue food to its 38 amphitheaters nationwide. Now you can rest easy knowing you’re putting the most ethical nacho cheese possible into your body at your next One Direction concert.

YouTube: This video from Breville allegedly features Chris Cosentino and Andy Ricker speaking about what makes Italian food and Thai food similar (“conviviality”), but we’re pretty sure what it mostly features is Chris Cosentino getting a leeettle tipsy.

LA Times: CJ Jacobson on mortars-and-pestles: “Developing flavors by crushing things with a stone is magical.” ‘Nuff said.

Bon Appetit: We’ve been wetting ourselves with excitement over Dave Arnold’s Museum of Food and Drink, but, as it turns out, several Food and Drink Museums already exist, and Bon Appetit conveniently rounds them up right here. (THE SPAM MUSEUM!)

Food and Wine: Get your spice porn on with this slideshow of the world’s top spice markets, where the top chefs go to make your food BURN YOUR MOUTH ALIVE. Ha, no, they’re just really pretty spices.

Grub Street: Well, now we know what to do with our imaginary heaps of money: invest in a restaurant near our house, like Piper Perabo, who can basically travel straight from the airport to Jack’s Wife Freda and eat dinner, stowing her luggage in the kitchen.

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