Last Call: Christina Tosi & Dominique Ansel Sent Their Goons To The Wharf At Night To Trade Pastries

crack pie cronuts

Instagram: The pastry kingpins traded cronuts for crack pie in secret, both getting their hands on a product coveted by all but limited to the addicted. After ensuring the product was pure, Christina Tosi slowly donned a pork pie hat, never taking her eyes off Dominique Ansel. Stay out of my territory,” she snarled.

Thrillist: What’s that, Los Angeles? We now have an Umami Burger in NYC, as proven by this set of photos? We’ve taken something you’ve loved and lured it to the East Coast, no longer making it something unique to your neon hellscape of a city? …Okay, fine, just rub In-N-Out in our faces again. Fine. We’re not jealous.

Eater: Curtis Stone and Lindsay Price have renewed their wedding vows in Las Vegas, which seems strangely soon after their original June nuptials, even for a Bravo-lebrity.

Huffington Post: HuffPost Taste ranked all the Top Chef winners by likability, and SOMEHOW Hosea Rosenberg ranked as more likable than Michael “Jon Snow” Voltaggio, which like, go home, HuffPost. You’re drunk.

Curbed: Would you like to live in a house with a kitchen designed by Jose Andres? Do you have $1.2 million? Right this way

Geekosystem: The world’s first entirely lab-grown hamburger is being taste-tested this week by a fellow who reportedly spent a whopping $400,000 to bring this weirdness to fruition. The not-meat was described as “grey in color with a slippery, squid-like consistency.” So, enjoy that, rich guy.

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