Last Call: Ryan Gosling Cares About Pork Pregnancy Locations

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Grubstreet: Ryan Gosling has spoken out against pork gestation crates, a farming practice which he thinks is cruel. We’re paraphrasing here, but his statement was something like this: Hey girl, you shouldn’t have to give birth to a piglet in a tiny crate like that. Let me build you a home in the country.

Eater: At the elBulli exhibit in London, an anonymous but “well-known British chef” told food writer Fuchsia Dunlop that “Ferran Adrià has fucked it all up,” because now younger generations of chefs don’t want to cook, they just want to be magicians and Robert Downey Jr., like him.

Twitter: The ever-clueless Paula Deen tweeted “My favorite potluck dish is_____ RT me your answer!” We don’t know what she was expecting, but this is what she got in response.

Food Republic: Here are six chefs helping humans stay on top of the food chain by conquering “asshole” invasive fish species and turning them into delicious foodstuffs.

SPLASH: You know who’s not afraid of your snarky Yelp comments? Jean-Georges Vongerichten. “With social media, everyone is a critic. Before we were stuck with one person judging you, and now it’s the whole world judging you. I love it.”

Today Show: San Francisco’s City Hall forced a restaurant called Bacon Bacon to shutter, because neighbors complained about the constant (delicious?) smell of bacon. Shut up, San Franciscans.

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