Last Call: Summon An Ice Cream Truck To Your Doorstep Using Uber

The Daily Meal: Tomorrow, in the best viral marketing/Beat-The-Heat mashup conceived recently, the car-summoning app will let people hail ice cream trucks to their GPS coordinates in 33 cities. It’s like being…an ice cream wizard. Man, we feel omnipotent at the moment.

Grub Street: Part memoir, part coffee-table meat porn, all beef — yep, it’s Pat LaFrieda’s upcoming book, complete with 100 beautiful photos of protein. Or, as vegans like to call it, “the Ark of the Covenant.”

Food Republic: “Ten Things Andrew Zimmern Hates” is a pretty self-explanatory title. Throw in some Joseph Gordon-Levitt, though, and it could be a teen movie!

Gawker: For the folks who gawk, a (sponsored) series on How To Behave At A Restaurant.

Twitter: For some reason, Anthony Bourdain is in a robot strip club in Tokyo right now. Really. We have no words.


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