Last Call: Restaurants Don’t Need Addresses, Says Grant Achatz In Attempt To Hide From Google


Food & Wine: Perhaps foreseeing the dangers of Skynet and the coming fall of humanity, Grant Achatz wonders why restaurants even need addresses. “Why can a musical act, a theater troupe or a circus go on the road, but a chef or restaurant cannot?” he asked, pointing out that he’d already taken Alinea to New York. Then he threw a furtive glance at the cold glow of his computer, wondering whether the machines had evolved to the point where they could read his mind.

Good Morning America: It’s National Hot Dog Day. Here are some people eating hot dogs. Come for the tacky morning segment, stay for the beefcake firemen.

Eater: Michelin-winning chef Christopher Kostow wonders whether lending prestige to the culinary profession might not be for the best, and thinks that Kids These Days are in the kitchens for the fame. “Maybe they’re in the business ostensibly, but not necessarily in the kitchens,” he muses. “There’s a reason 20 years ago it was criminals and lunatics who were in the kitchens. It is not an easy job.” This might be the only time where we wholeheartedly believe that criminals and lunatics might be better suited for a profession.

The Huffington Post: Hah, let’s ogle at celebrities who have named their children after foods. And then let’s speculate on how rich their future therapists will be.

Zagat: Remember Jen Bieste from Top Chef: Season 4? She’s back in the restaurant scene, but needs your help to Kickstarter it into existence! (Thank you for helping her make her dreams come true.)

The Fashion Spot: Everybody! Listen to Gail Simmons talk about her favorite restaurants in America! For it is true that in these matters, she is an oracle, a scholar, a wise sage (who probably smells like sage).

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