Last Call: Danny Meyer’s Breakfast Of Champions Involves A Cronut, Condor Eggs, Panda Bacon

Twitter: Afterwards, Danny Meyer went about his day eating other impossible things: a roast dodo sandwich for lunch, braised Siberian tiger for dinner, and a dessert of macerated moon rocks (which paired well with the dinosaur blood whiskey).

The Huffington Post: Somehow, Rocco DiSpirito talking about losing weight is still newsworthy.

Eater: Oh dear, tickets to el Bulli’s traveling museum exhibit are being hawked on Groupon, the e-commerce boneyard of the internet. Is this a sign that people aren’t as thrilled to visit a collection of artifacts from the world’s greatest restaurant, or is it a sign that people don’t really go to museums that often? A marketing gimmick turned into a sad reflection of American politics when Honest Tea set up a booth in every state with the intention of finding “the most honest state in America.” Can you guess which city was least likely to voluntarily pay for Honest Teas at unmanned kiosks? Did you say “Washington, D.C.”?

The Daily Mail: Oh ho ho ho, zees ees a messenger bag zat ees made to ‘old a baguette! Let us bike around ze Eiffel Tower wit’ our baguettes, wrapped up so tight and snug like a leetle bebe. Allons-y! 

Geekosystem: Porn sex vs. real sex, as illustrated by food. A very, very straightforward way of explaining things, without such distractions as penises and breasts.

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