Last Call: Like You Need An Excuse To Watch Anthony Bourdain And Eric Ripert Be Awesome

AV Club: Remember that amazing interview where Eric Ripert and Anthony Bourdain figured out their porn star names? Now you can watch the video of it. Need convincing? Five words: Anthony Bourdain impersonates Guy Fieri.

Vulture: A special treat for hip hop fans who are also really into food: a collection of every food reference ever made in a Rick Ross song. There isn’t really anything we can add to make this better than it already is. Enjoy.

Huffington Post: A fan of the show Breaking Bad has begun selling rock candy that looks like the meth made by the characters. We’re willing to bet there’s some government organization watching his page just in case it’s a front.

Daily Meal: Dunkin Donuts’ new advertising campaign in South Korea involves spraying coffee scents onto buses every time their jingle plays. Wait… Dunkin Donuts has a jingle? Or is that South Korea-exclusive, too?

Zagat: Pickles are becoming a major restaurant trend, appearing on over a third of menus. But then again, there’s a new “hot food trend” every two days, so who knows how long they’ll be a thing.

Business Insider: A designer wants to remake the food service carts used on airplanes so that they don’t take up so much aisle room. And yet, nobody can figure out a way to make airplane food edible…

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