Last Call: Ferran Adria Lands On The Cover Of Wired

Wired: Ferran Adria is an easy, breezy, beautiful coverboy, and for a somewhat unlikely publication. Check him out on the cover of tech mag Wired.

Believer: This long, but well-worth-the-read interview with Pulitzer Prize-winning Los Angeles food critic Jonathan Gold lead us to laugh out loud a minimum of three times in the office, proving that the man speaks as charmingly as he writes. For example: “Guys like [René] Redzepi are making huge inroads in Nordic cuisine, but the cuisine of southern Sweden is, like, giant portions of meat and gluey gravy eaten in complete silence in ten minutes.”

New York Post: The cast of characters for Todd English’s E! reality show that’s totally not about Todd English at all is being fleshed out. On the list of suspects? The Koch Brothers and Chef Boyardee heiress Anna Boiardi.

Eater: Mario Batali admits Babbo can be “a little dicky.” We like him more and more each day.

Serious Eats: Andrew Zimmerman bested Iron Chef Marc Forgione in Kitchen Stadium Sunday night in a “Battle Cream Cheese.” In celebration, his Chicago resto Sepia is offering a five-course meal inspired by the winning service for $85 a person. Five straight courses of cream cheese? WHERE DO WE SIGN UP?

New York Daily News: Did you know popcorn comes from actual popcorn plants? It does. Did you know it, as a crop, like its cousin corn and soybeans, is also getting slammed by the current drought? It is. Poor popcorn farmers.

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