Last Call: Heston Blumenthal Doesn’t Want To Dance, So Stop Asking

Express: Heston Blumenthal has been offered the chance to be on Strictly Come Dancing (the UK version of Dancing With The Stars for the past three seasons, and has refused each time. That’s probably for the best — molecular gastronomy and ballroom dancing share little in common.

Grub Street: On his birthday, fans of Andy Warhol leave Campbell’s soup cans and Coca Cola bottles at the pop artist’s grave as a tribute. Just what he wanted.

Delish: Archaeologists in Mexico found residue from chocolate that dates back 2,500 years on plate fragments. We’re willing to forgive the Mayans for that whole end-of-the-world scare only because they also gave us chocolate.

Daily Meal: A little known fact about Marilyn Monroe, who died 50 years ago today: she loved to cook. And she looked better than everyone else in the world while doing it.

New York Times: Many real estate brokers are now trying to break into the restaurant business. Well, they had to do something during the recession.

The Grid: “Pop up persona” Fidel Gastro is getting his own television show on the Travel Channel. Purely as fans of puns, we’re in favor of this.

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