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Last Call: One Day There Will Be Space Hot Dogs For Everyone

Huffington Post: One lucky hot dog from Zog’s Dogs went to space and back. Attention whoever ate the hot dog upon its re-entry: what does space dust taste like? It’s your duty to inform the world.

Urban Daddy: A New York restaurant is offering liquor-infused panini and deli meats. It would probably be best to visit on a free weekend rather than your lunch hour.

NPR: One can learn a lot about a president based on his favorite foods or family recipes. For example, President Truman is apparently “plain but tasty”, which is not necessarily the description we were expecting.

New York Times: The net income for Tyson Foods has dropped significantly due to a decrease in the demand for chicken and meat. Wait, so people actually are eating less meat? We thought that was just an urban legend…

Daily Meal: The curly fries offered at McDonald’s restaurants in Singapore are so popular that people are begging for them to be made available in the US as well. That’s because everything tastes better with curly fries.

Gawker: Ragu has hopped on the weird commercial train with a series of ads that feature children walking in on their parents having sex. Sorry, but it’s going to take a lot more than spaghetti to make that mental image go away.

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