Last Call: Buy Your Own Grant Achatz-Approved Infuser

Kickstarter: The designers behind the Porthole, an infusion device used at Grant Achatz’s restaurants have received more than twice their Kickstarter goal within the first day. The campaign doesn’t end until September 4. Wow, people really like the weird things at Grant’s restaurants, huh?

Daily Meal: A new iPhone add-on will scan food to determine how organic it is. …Yeah, we don’t really get it, either.

New York Post: If you’re looking to piss off a bartender, order a mojito: they hate making them because the drink is too costly and labor intensive. Plus, you’ll have to deal with them overtly judging you in front of the entire bar.

Grub Street: Cocaine and heroin were found stashed in cookies and chocolate in a drug bust at JFK Airport. Great, now everyone needs to be suspicious of their cookies. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Huffington Post: McDonald’s in Austrailia will introduce a “Serious Lamb Burger” which will feature a lamb patty, beets and an egg. Meanwhile, Americans have the McRib. We’re not sure who wins here, honestly.

New York Times: Starbucks is teaming up with Square to help people pay for their drinks using only their smartphone. This sounds like a recipe for identity theft and/or bankruptcy.

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