Last Call: The Only Food Story You Care About This Weekend Is Breaking Bad Dishes, Right?

Bon Appetit: Walter White may be the one who knocks, but Bon Appetit is the one who will compile an amazing slideshow of Breaking Bad-inspired foods, just in time for this weekend’s season premiere. Yeah, bitch — blue rock candy!

io9: The guy who created an elaborate, 12-course meal (including crack pie for dessert) smushed into a single metal can says his inspirations for the project were Willy Wonka and Heston Blumenthal. Of course they were.

Grub Street: Britney Spears is getting back into the restaurant game, which, THANK GOD. You may now [now] rock with and Britney, bitch at Meatball Spot, which will soon relocate to inside Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Food Network Gossip: Guy Fieri will be hosting a new game show on Food Network set to premiere in October called Guy’s Grocery Games. It’s like Supermarket Sweep but with cooking challenges. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Taco Bell.

Eater: Yelp’s CEO on the origins of Yelp: “People aren’t just going to write reviews for fun, that’s crazy. We literally thought, ‘That’s a terrible idea.'” And it was.

Reuters: So, wait, does the existence of a test-tube burger make it okay for certain religions to eat meat? The answer is complicated, like most religious questions.

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