Last Call: Ilan Hall’s Knife Fight Finally Gets A Premiere Date

Eater: Eater has an exclusive preview of Ilan Hall’s new Esquire Channel series Knife Fight, which finally got a real premiere date of September 23rd. Our favorite thing about it is still no prizes.

Yelp Blog: You can now post Yelp reviews straight from your mobile device from right inside a restaurant, if you so choose. That sound you hear is the collective spit of waiters onto plates.

Grub Street: If you live anywhere other than San Francisco, and are a glutton for punishment, check out this video of how beautiful the newly restored Chez Panisse is, and lament over how far away from it you are.

GQ: Alan Richman fires off a review of Charlie Bird in SoHo. To summarize: go for the peaches and prosciutto, stay for the individually-wrapped Life Savers in the bathroom.

The Daily Meal: Today in space food, we learn that the most viable option for Mars exploration deliciousness is Spam. But of course.

NPR: Would you like to cook like a Regency era Mrs. Padmore? Spoiler alert: it’s going to involve you hand-whisking 100 eggs for an hour.

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