Last Call: Tom Colicchio Is Officially Half A Julia Child

Happy 50th birthday to everyone’s favorite Top Chef judge, Tom Colicchio. In fifty years’ time, people will be creating montages of him set to classic rock songs.

The Atlantic: And the birthday remixes keep on coming: it’s the Meryl Streep/Julia Child mash up everyone’s been waiting for since Julie and Julia opened.

YouTube: The trailer for the True Blood cookbook features creator Alan Ball reminiscing about the classic Southern food he grew up eating. Although it sounds like there will be a remarkable lack of blood for a show about vampires. That’s probably for the best.

Daily Meal: Introducing the Shark Week drinking game, unofficially the best way to celebrate this much-anticipated week. We’d like to add one more: Drink every time someone quotes Tracy Jordan.

Eater: Looking to expand your knowledge of wine? Try The Celebrity Guide to Wine, a one hour special from 1990 which features lessons and tips from celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg and Steven Seagal. It’s probably the best acting he’s ever done.

Gawker: YouTube user DaymDrops posts hilarious food reviews filmed in his car, including an almost wordless review of the Girl Scout candy bars that may be the greatest thing we’ve seen in a long time. Watch out, food critics. This guy might be coming for your job.

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