Last Call: Writer Tries To Troll Julia Child, Fails Miserably

Eater: An LA Times food writer attempted to troll Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking by creating a list of “15 gross-sounding dishes”. Unfortunately, her list consisted of things like “braised lettuce” and “flambeed kidneys” and foodies everywhere got annoyed. The lesson here: it’s impossible to troll Julia Child.

io9: The scientific way to make green eggs, for nerds and Dr. Seuss fans everywhere. Looks gross, tastes… well, tastes like eggs.

Grub Street: An inventor is suing Heinz Ketchup for ripping off his “CondiCup” dispenser to make their “Dip & Squeeze” packaging. Considering how annoying those things are, we’re not sure bragging about inventing them is the way to go.

Daily Meal: All four KFC and Pizza Hut locations in Nepal have been closed after employees attacked and threatened to kill their managers.

Serious Eats: Kim Jong Un has lifted the nation-wide ban on pizza in North Korea. Now it really is always sunny all the time there.

New York Post: A man who killed his wife choked to death on his sister-in-law’s chicken cutlets. Karma, ladies and gentlemen.

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