Last Call: Anthony Bourdain’s Foreword to Marilyn Hagerty’s Book Claims it ‘Kills Snark Dead’

Eater: The foreword to Marilyn “The Olive Garden Critic” Hagerty’s collection of restaurant reviews, written by it’s also-publisher Anthony Bourdain is out, concluding: “This book kills snark dead.”

GQ: Alan Richman’s review of Estela includes a mini-review of Every SoHo Office’s Favorite Post-Work Dive-Bar. (Is your office below Houston, too? Meet you at Botanica in 15.)

Saveur: Amidst heated debates over whether or not restaurant critics should get an expense account, the ever-irreverent Gael Greene rides in on her flying unicorn, writing a piece about what it’s like to eat in France on an expense account vs on your own dime. Moral of the story: rich people have more money than god.

New York Times: Seminal Spanish food author Penelope Casas, who was blessedly responsible for teaching Americans that “tapas bars” did not involve boobies, passed away last week. The New York Times has a heartwarming profile here.

ABC Action News: Today, in Floridians Be Whack News, a full-fledged riot that required 150 law enforcement officers in riot gear to deescalate was caused in a juvenile detention facility over a bet gone awry involving — wait for it — three Cup o’ Noodle soup packets.

The Seattle Times: The phenomenon of chefs influencing policy might become an actual, legitimate political force. Man we hope that’s a good thing.

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