Last Call: President Obama Is Somehow Involved With MasterChef, We Weep For Politics

Twitter: Graham Elliot tweeted that this week’s MasterChef had to do with President Obama stopping by Graham Elliot for a VIP meal. Thank goodness David Martinez has been eliminated.

New York Post: The extremely fishy winning bid by an inexperienced, out-of-town restaurant group to run Central Park’s Tavern on the Green for the duration of a twenty-year lease turns out to have ties to one of Mayor Bloomberg’s “top confidants.” But they won fair and square, the Parks Department insists. (The Pawnee Parks Department would never be caught up in such corruption. Maybe NYC can learn a lesson from our suburban friends.)

Insatiable Critic: Food critic and the stuff of Top Chef boggart hallucinations Gael Greene says goodbye to her photographer and partner of twelve years Steven Richter. Her heartfelt remembrance includes both a sorrowful account of his final days and the earlier reflection, “I was a hot-house flower. My sports were sex and dancing.” Oh, that Gael.

GrubStreet: Maria Sharapova now has a line of fruit snacks. Consuming them in large amounts will not make you better at tennis.

New York Magzine: Elizabeth Taylor ate hilariously disgusting things to stay thin and then published them all in a now-out-of-print diet book. However, someone tracked it down, followed it, and lost six pounds in two weeks. The secret was most likely only being able to take three bites of a peanut butter and steak sandwich before becoming ill and hating all foods forever.

Adam Thinks: Is the only thing more annoying to you than your friends Facebook spamming you with photos of their babies, your friends Facebook spamming you with photos of their food? Bad news bears: the iPhone 5 is designed exclusively to take pictures of food. Check out the spoof vid of the day, in case you missed it in your previous office procrastinations, below.

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