Last Call: 3 Restaurant Openings, a New Food TV Show, and a Case of Cronut-Poisoning

New York Times: Masaharu Morimoto is closing his latest New York restaurant Tribeca Canvas after just one year, due to tepid reviews, to revamp the menu and reopen with new partners, which, thank god, because that space is too gorgeous to go to waste.

LA Times: Meanwhile, across the country, Brian Malarkey is opening another fabric restaurant in the Mondrian Hotel of West Hollywood on New Years’ goddamned Eve because Brian Malarkey.

Vegas Seven: Meanwhile, LA-based Malarkey nemesis and former fellow The Taste judge Ludo Lefebvre will be opening a restaurant in Las Vegas called Le Station. There, he’ll be competing with the likes of Giada De Laurentiis, who also announced a Vegas restaurant opening today.

Grub Street: Not everyone is having quite such a fertile period, though. A booth at the Canadian National Exhibition is selling knockoff cronut burgers that were apparently the cause of twelve cases of food poisoning. As Grub Street points out, there are still people who inexplicably are excited to eat the vom-burger.

Eater: Bar Rescue + America’s Next Great Restaurant + Shark Tank = the new Spike TV series Hungry Investors starring Jon Taffer, Tiffany Derry, and John Besh. Sooo…thank god for John Besh.

Metro: We thought that the British were famously patient when it comes to waiting in lines, but apparently they draw the line at waiting for restaurants that don’t take reservations. Even worse, they call this phenomenon the worst thing a British person could call a phenomenon: “American.”

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