Last Call: Despite Inventing It, Gael Greene Hates The Word ‘Foodie’

Forbes: Gael Greene, sexy hat diva and inventor of the term “foodie,” hates both using the word and taking photos of your meal to share on social networking sites. But she does both, effusively. A puzzle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in bacon, that Gael.

Fox News: Christopher Kostow, Alex Stupak, and Lars Williams, the research director of the Nordic Food Lab in Copenhagen, went to Mexico together to commit some culinary imperialism. Read all about it!

BuzzFeed: A reality show editor anonymously dished on how much fakery really goes into shooting an alleged docu-series. One of the most staged reality competition shows he or she has ever seen? Hell’s Kitchen. Shocker.

E! Online: You can buy Robin Williams’ vineyard for $35 million. He’s too busy making movies for the upkeep. Comes complete with: views of the Mayacamas Mountains, an infinity pool, a limestone mansion, a solar farm with cattle, and a 600-acre vineyard that mostly produces cab sav. But will he appear via Skype on command to have conversations with us as our favorite animated characters?

Huffington Post: Portraits of “Barack Obameat” and “Meat Romney” made of beef jerky. ELECTION SEASON IS THE BEST, YOU GUYS.

Obama Foodorama: Thank god for White House pastry chef Bill Yosses giving a food science lecture at Harvard, otherwise we’d think politics was a total joke.

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