Last Call: Michael Chiarello and Neil Patrick Harris Hang out Pulling Mozzarella Together, NBD

Instagram: Michael Chiarello and Neil Patrick Harris hung out pulling mozzarella together at the Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival, which, if that isn’t the plot of a steamy fanfiction on our desks by Monday morning, we will be hella disappointed with you, internet.

Wall Street Journal: Noma’s kitchen got a fancy new overhaul. Rene Redzepi’s line cooks’ favorite feature (we’re guessing)? A Spotify hookup and speakers.

Gawker: Today in Shit’s Whack In Florida news: it’s apparently perfectly rational to pistol whip a Dunkin’ Donuts employee there if he messes up your coffee order.

Grub Street: Grub Street asks if culinary school (specifically, the Institute of Culinary Education) has officially jumped the shark by teaming up with The Jets for a partnership involving classes on cooking tailgating food. The answer is unequivocally yes.

Eater: Hell’s Kitchen Season 11 winner Ja’Nel Witt turned down her $250,000 a year job working for Gordon Ramsay in Las Vegas that was included in her prize package. Well, that’s a refreshing twist on Gordon refusing to employ his winners…

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