Last Call: Ze French Cannot Be Rushed Avec Ze Croissants Pour Kanye West

Medium: The Association of French Bakers have ‘filed a formal complaint’ in the form of an open letter against Kanye West for that “Hurry up with my damn croissants” lyric. But they also congratulate him on the birth of his daughter, Nord!

Grub Street: Hugh Acheson, Alex Raij, Georges Mendes, Christina Tosi, Ryan Hardy, Missy Robbins, and more have signed on help out City Grit’s Kickstarter, promising to cook at it next year if YOU help Sarah Simmons reach her $100,000 goal in the next ten days. DO IT.

NPR: NPR is holding a Dumpling Week, celebrating that prehistoric pasta pocket full of goodies. No, really, dumplings date back to prehistoric times!

Bon Appetit: Bon Appetit went to MAD3 (yes, we’re jealous), and compiled a roundup of the likeliest next wave ingredient trends. Sure, but did they get to see Miley Cyrus’ Heartbreaking Twerk of Staggering Genius last night? Probably not.

New York Times: The New York Times ran a 5-page profile exploring the suicide of Dumont’s Colin Devlin, presumably more sensitive than the piece New York Magazine ran blaming the chef’s death on how Williamsburg is terrible now.

Food & Wine: Andrew Zimmern comes up with a global guide for where in the world to find the best of every part of the chicken. Did you know chicken butts are known as “Pope’s Noses”? Guess what? POPE’S NOSE.

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