Last Call: In Which Canada Rips Off American Foodstuffs (We Promise To Back Off Poutine)

Eater: The case of the poisonous Canadian National Exhibition knockoff cronut burger has been traced back to its maple-bacon jam origins. Let’s make a deal, Canada: we’ll back off poutine if you back off cronuts.

LA Times: In other Canadian Ripoff News, some poor Vancouverite who really loves Trader Joe’s drives across the border to the TJ’s in Bellingham, WA, buys up 100 bags of groceries, and then sells probably a ton of cookie butter to his countrymen for a modest markup at his grocery store called — wait for it — Pirate Joe’s! Blah blah legal issues blah.

Kitchen Daily: As it turns out, underground Chinese companies are taking vacuum-sealed expired grocery store foods like chicken wings, opening them, bleaching them with cleaning powders, making them look fresh with chemical additives and coloring agents, and repackaging them for sale. Oh my god, Chinese government, get on your food safety regulations now, please.

Serious Eats: Johnny Walker Platinum now exists, and if you’re having trouble keeping your mass-market whiskey colors apart, you can check out a review of the shiniest new member of the bunch here.

Channel 4: The Taste has begun its search for the UK cast of competitors, and you can apply here. Both Nigella Lawson and Ludo Lefebvre are signed on for the British version, so, really, there’s something for everyone on the judging panel. Unless your type is Ken Doll. He probably won’t be there.

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