Last Call: The Axis of Evil Has Snacks That Are Also Evil

Foreign Policy: The Snaxis of Evil aims to destabilize the world through its crappy knockoff snacks from countries like Syria, Iran, Cuba, and North Korea. Mark Bittman pulls a George W. Bush and searches for the snacks of mass (taste) destruction.

Fork in the Road: Don’t be shy about asking waiters seemingly dumb questions about the crafty menus sitting in before you; it’s their job to answer questions. Do be shy about committing any of these ten dining sins, for they will leave your waiter thinking that you are a hat for asses.

Esquire: Josh Ozersky admits in a piece about Paul Qui, “I dislike being challenged by the things I eat, which I prefer to think of as harem thralls or whatever.” Ballsy.

Grub Street: Russ and Daughters reps admitted that the inclusion of a “Russ and Daughters Cafe” on a recent Community Board agenda was a mistake, but they didn’t deny that a project was in the works. Keep the late-night drunk-lox dream alive.

Huffington Post: Remember that bakery in Oregon that refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple? They just shuttered and switched their business to in-house-only. #karma

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