Last Call: Alinea’s Tableware Designer Raises $736,113 On Kickstarter

Eater: We don’t know who officially holds the record for most successful Kickstarter campaign of all time, but we’re pretty sure Martin Kastner, the tableware designer for Alinea, is in the running. His project to raise money in the hopes of rolling out an affordable (to the tune of $100 per) Porthole infuser to sell to the masses raised $736,113 in a month. His original goal was $28,500, which he raised in the first two hours. Peeps be lovin’ Alinea gadgets!

New York Times: The NYT ran yet another article on all the creepy ways restaurants track your dining habits to create a “personal dining experience,” like personalized Facebook ads but exponentially creepier because it’s in person, by human stalkers. This is not soothing our paranoia, guys.

USA Today: A very tragic accident involving a vehicular homicide committed by a drunk member of the staff at Husk in Charleston, South Carolina has triggered a “national scandal” with such groups as Mothers Against Drunk Driving becoming involved in shutting down the practice of after-hours drinking by high-end restaurant staffers. Never. Going. To happen.

The Aesthete: We could listen to April Bloomfield gush about truffles all day.

Co.Create: Yes, Noma really is as great as everybody says it is and here’s why. So stop rolling your eyes, you. Yes, YOU.

Flavour Gallery: The official James Beard Collection tees have arrived. Happy Fashion Week, everybody!

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