Last Call: Today’s N-Word News Comes to You on a Red Lobster Receipt

Huffington Post: Today in virally racist restaurant receipts, N-bombs get dropped in the tip line at Red Lobster. Sigh. How did people get pissed off about racism before Reddit and Instagram? We can’t remember.

GQ: Alan Richman reviews Paul Liebrandt’s The Elm in his latest GQ review, and discovers “the worst beverage ever made that smells great.”

First We Feast: Roy Choi curses about chefs and is generally cranky about the state of food inequality in this MAD Symposium exit interview, but, damn, are the ladies of Copenhagen foine.

PBS: Kicking yourself for missing this weekend’s Mind of a Chef Season 2 premiere? Worry not, you can stream the first two episodes on It’s sure to be a soothing Breaking Bad palette cleanser. Is James Oseland drunk in this video where he waxes rhapsodic about how badly he wants to try a cronut? God, we hope not. We hope this is just his natural state.

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