Last Call: Cronuts Can Make Your *ss Clap, According to Eddie Huang

Fashionista: Dominique Ansel advocates eating a Cronut a day to stay thin.

Complex: Paradoxically, Eddie Huang advocates against women wearing slogan tees, “ESPECIALLY IF YOUR ASS IS FLAT SHUT THE FUCK UP AND EAT CRONUTS ‘TIL YOU CAN MAKE IT CLAP.”

Grub Street: Wylie Dufresne is creeped out by cow stem cell burgers: “I like the idea of a cow and the life cycle it goes through.” Respect the animal.

Vine: Robert Downey, Jr. was on the set of Jon Favreau’s Chef today looking like Johnny Iuzzini. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS MOVIE ABOUT?

Huffington Post: Chef John Tumino of Syracuse gave up working in restaurants to cook for the homeless, and now our hearts are puddles of goo.

Oxford American: Please check out this stunning read by John T. Edge about the debts of pleasure we owe to the real pioneers of Southern cuisine. It’s probably going to be nominated for a James Beard Award.

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