Last Call: Justin Warner Makes Pho in Coffeepot; More Importantly, Puts Sriracha in Cheap Beer

Zagat: A video in which Justin Warner makes pho in a coffeepot, but also makes a “poor man’s michelada” by dumping a bunch of sriracha into a nondescript can of brown paper-bagged beer. …Would anyone judge us for having a post-work michelada? Is that like having a bloody mary at nighttime?

MADfeed: MAD has released the text from Rene Redzepi’s intro of Christian Puglisi at the most recent MAD Symposium, in which he admits, “I was an angry little fucking gnome.”

Eater: Check out the trailer for John Besh’s new cookbook Cooking from the Heart. Swoon over his flawless head of manhair while you’re at it.

Bon Appetit: Here’s a comprehensive recap of that pie vs. cake debate from the SFA Symposium that we keep going on about. The only part we take issue with is Kim Severson’s assertion that “One has a wedding cake, not a wedding pie.” Uh, guess we’ll be taking her off the guest list.

Geekosystem: Beeeeer innnn spaaaaaace! (Sent there by an eleven-year-old. Who needs NASA up and running?

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