Last Call: the Starving, Furloughed Government Worker’s Guide to Eating

The Washington Post: Bureaucracy isn’t a mindless machine, full of gears and heartless automatons that turn life into a Kafkaesque hell. It’s full of people who are heartless automatons that turn life into a Kafkaesque hell…that need to eat. Here’s where they can get free/discounted food if they’re furloughed federal employees.

Grub Street: MercBar is closing to become a Tory Burch store, and Eater founder Lockhart Steele thinks it deserved a better eulogy that a link-out on Grub Street. Yet again, the media circus becomes more interesting than the event itself. We love our jobs.

Eater: Sam Kass got furloughed. Who will bring all the beefcake to the White House yard now?

Deadspin: Total your car? Why not Instagram what happened to the pizza you were eating — you know, the thing which caused your car crash? (Oh, NFL players. Always crashing their pizza cars and patting each others’ butts.)

GQ: How many very fancy New York City restaurants get name-dropped in this profile of No really, tell us, our attention span for non-monogamous housewives is too short to read the whole thing.

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