Last Call: Parts Unknown DP Zach Zamboni Gets the Shot, No Matter What

No Film School: Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown DP Zach Zamboni gave a nearly two-hour talk on getting the shot, no matter what, and it’s fucking inspired, even if you aren’t a film nerd.

The Daily Dot: Jesus, there are a dumb amount of inception layers to this exposé about whether Olive Garden fakes its own kindhearted viral goodwill stories on Reddit. Can someone explain to us what’s going on?

Eater: You don’t need to watch a video on The History of Rice in South Carolina, you may be thinking to yourself. But you would be wrong. Educate yourself, fool, courtesy of an Anthony Bourdain-narrated Mind of a Chef online exclusive.

Fast Company: Fast Company is celebrating a decade in design, and among their most important design feats of 2005? Alinea, natch.

Texas Monthly: Would you like to read a profile of the man behind the Breastaurant™ empire? Why wouldn’t you?

Refinery 29: And, because we’re purveyors of highbrow-lowbrow, here’s a profile of New York City Wine and Food Festival founder Lee Schrager to cleanse your palates.

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